Our group takes pride in developing early-career scientists in a healthy, nurturing, family-style environment. We seek to prepare individuals for careers in academia, government, and industry sectors. Group members can expect to receive training tailored to their future goals and aspirations within the context of our diverse portfolio of research projects. Most importantly, we strive to make science fun to encourage individuals to pursue careers in science & technology!

High School Students: Laboratory experiences for students from New Orleans Public Schools are available. We also welcome students from all schools in New Orleans and neighboring parishes based on availability.

Undergraduates: We always seek motivated undergraduate students to join the group. The first semester of research in the group is completed by enrolling in CHEM 3094. Students that demonstrate a passion for research are invited back as paid research assistants. We encourage students to enroll in CHEM 3094 in their first, second, and third year of coursework.

Prospective Ph.D. Students: Openings are routinely available in the group for graduate students. Students accepted into the Ph.D. program receive a tuition waiver and stipend as either a teaching or research assistant. Our group welcomes students with B.S./M.S. degrees from diverse scientific backgrounds including, but not limited to, chemistry, biology, earth, ocean & atmospheric sciences, environmental engineering, toxicology, and computer science.

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